Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are The Steelers Letting Go of Hines Ward?

NFL reports are now buzzing with the news that Hines Ward may not be back to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers next season. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network says and citing two sources for the news.

Hines Ward has been with the team for 14 seasons but recently, the Steelers have been having problems with going below the salary cap set by the league, and Ward's $4 million salary for 2012 is a direction that the team is looking for to save some cash.

Amidst the Pittsburgh restructures and releases, no one can really blame them for the decision as Hines Ward did a lackluster career in 2011, overtaken by the younger offense tactics of Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

Moreover, after so many years and opportunities wasted in taking the limelight, Hines Ward may join the other NFL players who failed to be Hall of Fame worthy and finish his athletic career in another team than the one he is best known for.

In any case, wherever team Hines Ward ends up, we can only hope that he gives the Steelers some regret in the next season for letting him go, or could he? Only time will tell.