About Us

Gold Star Daily World News sets ablaze a new path in online news. It's focus and interest spans not only in popular happenings in world cities, but also in rural living around the world. We hope to become true advocates of countryside journalism through this news website.

Mr. Ernesto G. Chu, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Mindanao Gold Star Daily Corporation, envisions to use the Gold Star Daily World News to take an active role in rural development around the world.

With over a dozens highly competent correspondents and contributors, we rally:
  • To uphold human dignity of every individual person
  • To recognize the potential of self development in each person
  • To recognize its responsibility to society and obligation in preserving family unity
  • To pursue the development and growth for the countryside

"Read about the towns you live in, the neighbors you live with, and all there is to do and see in your community."