Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facebook Rolling Out New Advertising Schemes

As the number one social networking site today, Facebook sure knows how to take advantage of their popularity to optimize and get new income channels.

That's why soon, aside from the usual ad spots you see on the sidebar, it looks like you're going to see them on your newsfeed as well.

This rumor came from a "leaked" marketing plan from the company that details Facebook's offering to advertisers the ability to have their business Facebook Page updates to appear in the newsfeed of friend of their fans.

Currently, when you "Like" a Facebook Page of a business, you'll see their status updates in your newsfeed, which is fine and expected. But with this new advertising scheme, the business can now spend advertising to have their status updates likewise appear in your friend's newsfeed - which works under the assumption that whatever your friends like, then you must too.

This new scheme is really making users rethink not only the people they add as friend on Facebook, but also which brands they should be fans of. And now, only time will tell if users will be fans of this advertising strategy or it's just the advertisers and Facebook who will end up liking the idea.

Via Time