Monday, February 20, 2012

Piolo Breaks Silence About KC Break Up

Philippine actor Piolo Pascual has been silent over the past few months about his break up with Megastar daughter, KC Conception. However, in an exclusive sit-down interview with StarStudio Magazine, he finally opens us.

He reveals that he never expected that a lot of people would react to the news. He says, "Hindi ako na-overwhelm sa negativity ng situation. Na-overwhelm ako sa care, sa love na ibinigay na hindi ko naman ine-expect."

Pascual further narrates that, as advised by his friends and family, he decided to stop reading any news that went out - because he didn't want to feel any worse than he really is about the break-up. "I stopped going to websites na makakasakit lang sa akin," he says.

Along with the interview, Pascual's son, Inigo also expressed his thoughts about how the people and media reacted to his father's decision to end his relationship with Ms. KC Conception.

Inigo says that he still believes that his father is a good man and "people should get to know him first before bashing him."

Read the full story in the March issue of StarStudio Magazine.