Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apple Market Value Now At $500B

Perhaps it's the pending release of the new iPad 3 or the continued strength of the company despite the passing of Steve Jobs, because investors continues to support tech company Apple Inc whose value peaks today at $500 billion.

Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world and reaching this mark is an achievement that not many companies have been able to achieve. In fact, Apple is just the sixth US corporation to reach this $500 billion mark.

Individual stock prices of Apple went pass the $500 mark a couple of weeks ago and continues to rise, peaking at $542.41 per share today. The stock jumped up after the company sent out invitations to it's upcoming event on Wednesday, March 7.

Other companies who have reached the $500 billion mark, but failed to maintain it are second most valuable company, Exxon, who reached it back in 2007 but now at around $407 billion; Microsoft in 1999; Cisco, Intel, and GE who likewise became a $500 billion company back in the early 2000.