Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 NHL Playoffs First Round Schedule Released

The 2012 NHL Playoff schedule has been released Sunday, starting this year's official run for the Stanley Cup. The first game will be on Wednesday with three hockey games which includes Vancouver Canucks vs Los Angeles Kings.

The Canucks took home the Presidents' Trophy for the second straight year this year, making them the heavy favorite to win in that game. Meanwhile, the Kings have not had a quarterfinal showing since 2001, and three previous years ending with a loss on the first-round.

Below is the first few rounds of the 2012 NHL Playoffs and the television network schedule which will broadcast the live stream. The schedule for Games 5-7, if necessary, is not included below.

Eastern Conference

No. 1 N.Y. Rangers vs. No. 8 Ottawa
April 12: at N.Y. Rangers (NHL Network)
April 14: at N.Y. Rangers (NBCSN)
April 16: at Ottawa (CNBC)
April 18: at Ottawa (CNBC)

No. 2 Boston vs. No. 7 Washington
April 12: at Boston (NBCSN)
April 14: at Boston (NBC)
April 16: at Washington (NBCSN)
April 19: at Washington (NBCSN)

No. 3 Florida vs. No. 6 New Jersey
April 13: at Florida (NHL Network)
April 15: at Florida (NBCSN)
April 17: at New Jersey (NHL Network)
April 19: at New Jersey (NHL Network)

No. 4 Pittsburgh vs. No. 5 Philadelphia
April 11: at Pittsburgh (NBCSN)
April 13: at Pittsburgh (NBCSN)
April 15: at Philadelphia (NBC)
April 18: at Philadelphia (NBCSN)

Western Conference

No. 1 Vancouver vs. No. 8 Los Angeles
April 11: at Vancouver (NBCSN)
April 13: at Vancouver (NBCSN)
April 15: at Los Angeles (NBCSN)
April 18: at Los Angeles (NBCSN)

No. 2 St. Louis vs. No. 7 San Jose
April 12: at St. Louis (CNBC)
April 14: at St. Louis (CNBC)
Apil 16: at San Jose (NBCSN)
April 19: at San Jose (NBCSN)

No. 3 Phoenix vs. No. 6 Chicago
April 12: at Phoenix (NBCSN)
April 14: at Phoenix (NBCSN)
April 17: at Chicago (CNBC)
April 19: at Chicago (CNBC)

No. 4 Nashville vs. No. 5 Detroit
April 11: at Nashville (CNBC)
April 13: at Nashville (CNBC)
April 15: at Detroit (NBC)
April 17: at Detroit (NBCSN)