Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Round by Round Boxing Update

The Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley live stream from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada is about to start, and we're here to bring you round by round updates to this Boxing Welterweight match.

We will be giving you also the full Pacquiao vs Bradley results for all the fight cards. So bookmark this page now and stay tuned.

What is the Pacquiao vs Bradley start time? The pay-per-view live streaming has already begun since 9:00 PM ET, but the fight championship match will be on live broadcast starting around 11:30 PM.

Main fight cards:
Welterweight Championship bout: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley
Welterweight Championship bout: Mike Jones vs Randall Bailey
Bantamweight Championship bout: Jorge Arce vs Jesús Rojas
Super Bantamweight Championship bout: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Teon Kennedy

Preliminary fight cards:
Welterweight bout: Mikael Zewski vs Ryan Grimaldo
Welterweight bout: Andrew Ruiz vs Tyler Larson
Super Middleweight bout: Jesse Hart vs Manuel Eastman
Junior Lightweight bout]: Ernie Sanchez vs Wilton Hilario

HEADLINE RESULT: Bradley wins via split decision

See full results here.

Results so far:
  • Mikael Zewski wins vs Ryan Grimaldo (TKO-3)
  • Andrew Ruiz wins vs Tyler Larson (UD-4)
  • Jesse Hart wins vs Manuel Eastman (TKO-1)
  • Ernie Sanchez wins vs Wilton Hilario (UD-8)
  • Guillermo Rigondeaux wins vs Teon Kennedy (TKO-5)
  • Randall Bailey wins vs Mike Jones wins (KO-11)
  • Jorge Arce vs Jesús Rojas (No Contest)

Pacquiao vs Bradley now starting... national anthems and walk-ins are done. Here we go!

Round 1:
Bradley throwing punches early. Active early. Fires a hard right hand that is blocked. Good left by Manny. Crowd chanting Manny. Good left hook by Bradley. Manny shoots a left down the middle. Bradley counterpunching well. Hard left by Manny catches Bradley. Looked like that stunned him. Good ending for Manny but Bradley took that round with early action. Looks relaxed out there. 10-9 Bradley

Round 2:
Nice left by Manny to open the third. Another left! Bradley sticks that big head of his in there. Ties Manny up. Another left by Manny! That punch is landing big this round. Quick right by Manny backs Bradley up again. Manny stalking him now. Bradley trying to get back to his game plan. Bradley fighting with his hands down now, for some reason. He's more active but his punches are not getting through. Give that round to Manny. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 3:
Bradley comes forward, throws a combination that connects. Another straight left by Manny connects. Bradley felt that. Oh Bradley got wobbled by a hard left! Bradley still throwing though. He's trying to win this round with his activity, even though they are having little physical effect. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 4:
Bradley comes forward again. He said he would be aggressive, and he is. Referee warns Bradley to keep his punches up. Lot of pitter patter stuff from Bradley. Manny less active so far this round. Good flurry from Manny has Bradley backing up! Bradley ties up. Wow, Manny closed that round strong. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round 5:
Manny is looking for that big shot. Bradley active but hittable. Manny swings wildly with the left and misses. Now he backs Bradley up with a left. Bradley tying Manny up. A slugfest breaks out! Both fighters looked gassed at the end of the round. Close. I'm giving it to Bradley. Just a little more active. 10-9 Bradley

Round 6:
Thing to remember: Bradley throwing a lot of punches. Very low percentage are going through. Good right hand from Bradley gets through. Another gets through. Pacquiao smiles down at the HBO crew. Bradley a lot less mobile this round. Got to give that round to Pacquiao. He stole it at the end. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round 7:
Bradley comes out strong again. Manny has to stop giving away the first minute of these rounds. Back to back lefts by Manny get through. Looked like there may have been a clash of heads mixed in. Slower round, but Bradley was the aggressor. 10-9 Bradley

Round 8:
Bradley has no power. Good combination from Bradley catches Manny. Clash of heads as Bradley backs up. Fighters touch gloves. Good overhand left from Manny. Lot of smiling from Manny in the ring. Just doesn't look as ferocious as he used to. Still looking for the big shot, doesn't get it. Give that round to Bradley. 10-9 Bradley

Round 9:
Manny stuns Bradley with an uppercut. They go toe-to-toe. Good flurry. Bradley showing a strong chin. Another left from Manny. Bradley starting to leave himself wide open for clean shots. Wide shot thrown by Bradley. Straight left from Manny. Both guys look gassed. Manny backs Bradley up with a left. Good round for Manny. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 10:
Bradley is ripped but he doesn't look like he has the stamina to surge late in this fight. Just nothing on his punches. Nice flurry by Bradley scores him a few points. Manny is still looking for that straight left. Hard right by Bradley. Close round. Manny didn't land many big shots but he landed the cleaner ones. Give it to Manny. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 11:
Bradley tying up a lot now. He is ducking low when he sees the left coming. Nice 1-2 from Bradley. Just no power behind his shots. Pacquiao throwing less punches. Crowd starting to boo. Good left from Manny. Nice countershot from Bradley. He's still competing. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 12:
Bradley looks deflated. Maybe from the foot, maybe because he knows he is down. Comes out strong again. Manny not letting his punches go. Weak. This is a chance for him to take a few risks and he is giving us nothing. There's the bell. Bradley raises his hands but he doesn't look all that confident. 10-9 Bradley.

Fight is over... Bradley wins via split decision (113-115, 115-113, 115-113)

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