Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twitter Adding Instagram-Like Photo Filters

Twitter has announced that it will roll out in the coming months, a new feature to its mobile app which will allow photo uploaders to use image filters.

In the past couple of years, many have used Instagram to share photos across various social networks, including Twitter. The simple but effective way that Instagram enhances often poor quality mobile photos, have catapulted the company to fame.

With Twitter, one may no longer need to use Instagram, or other photo apps, because you can now apply filters within the app.

While this is not the core strength of the micro blogging site, many say that this direction could prove to be a positive step towards engaging more users on Twitter.

In fact, since most smartphones nowadays have high-resolution cameras already, there's now a new need for users to simply add effects and filters to the photos and not necessarily turn them into lomography which forgives minor blotches and blurs in the photo.

As of the moment, it's still unknown when exactly these Twitter photo filters will roll out and what would be the official name of this feature within the app.