Monday, February 27, 2012

Automatic Photo Uploads Now on Dropbox

The most successful cloud storage service to date, Dropbox, has launched a new feature that allows users to automatically upload full-size copies of photos to your Dropbox account.

The feature is available on Mac and Windows PC, as well as on Android and soon, on iOS devices through an application update. Before this, users must manually transfer photos to their Dropbox folders to allow cloud syncing.

Now, users can choose whether to automatically save their photos taken from their mobile cameras to a specific Dropbox folder called "Camera Uploads". For the desktop version, Dropbox can likewise automatically upload photos from the built-in or connected camera, synced devices and even your SD card slot.

Current users also need not worry about consuming their current space allowance as Dropbox is giving up to 3GB free storage for the photo uploads, given in 500MB increments "as need arises".

If you're not a Dropbox user yet, then sign up today and get free 2GB cloud storage today.