Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Martha Stewart Chow Chow Wins at Westminster

Genghis Khan, not the Mongolian invader, but Martha Stewart's Chow Chow, won the heart of the judges to win as Best Breed at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show Monday morning.

Stewart first announced the victory over at her Twitter account, she tweets, "Ghenghis khan did it! Best of Breed at Westminster!!!! Big Deal."

GK, the dog's nickname, resembles a teddy bear according to fans. And will now be competing for the Best in Group later in the evening at the Madison Square Garden.

Stewart should certainly expect GK to be a winner, as he is son to Tracey's Chow Chow, who won the same category last year.

Stewart also used to own another Chow Chow named Paw Paw.

Photo by Jack Grassa