Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Coloring Pages and Activities for Kids

February 20 marks the 2012 celebration of Presidents Day in the United States. Many parents and teachers are now busy helping kids appreciate the holiday by giving them fun activities such as doing Presidents Day coloring pages.

Not only that, many websites are now using activities and games that are helping children get acquainted and introduced to U.S. history and learn more about George Washington and the other U.S. presidents.

Some fun activities include making U.S. flag out of paper and other crafts. Another interesting activity is holding essay-writing activities on topics such as "What I Will Do If I Become The President" or "One Question I Will Ask The President If I Meet Him".

For home-based parents, they can choose to to download some free Presidents Day coloring page photos online and have a coloring activity.

One source you can use for this is Primary Games - a site that offers free downloadable printable coloring pages for kids about Presidents Day.