Saturday, February 18, 2012

Presidents Day Sales Par With Black Friday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day for the U.S. in retail, but those are special days. When it comes to holiday sale, it seems that Labor Day and Presidents Day are the top among the list as the best time to get big deals and discounts.

According to the 2011 retail performance, Labor Day brought an average of 48.4% in discounts while Presidents Day deals racked up an average of 46.7%. Columbus Day comes on a close third at 45.2%

Many consumer market analysts are saying that Presidents Day deals are naturally good because retailers are trying to rid inventory not bought from the previous Christmas shopping season, and making way for their spring merchandise.

"It's the first major sale holiday of the year after New Year's Day. It's a big weekend for them to be able to put some winter merchandise on sale," says online store owner of Shop It To Me, Tamra Feldman.

Feldman further speculates that Presidents Day Deals could be greater this 2012, and could go at par with last year's Black Friday Deals. One particular industry that will greatly benefit from for this year, she notes, would be the clothing and apparel.

She predicts that Presidents Day Sales 2012 would have a great collection and discount on casual shirts, skirts, suits and casual pants.