Saturday, March 31, 2012

Due Diligence Questions For Compliance Officers Rise

Lately, compliance and in-house legal service providers are being flooded by due diligence questions from their customers.

One example, as told by T. James Min of DHL, says that DHL customers are now hiring third-party firms to conduct compliance reviews on the company - something they concluded after being "inundated with due diligence questionnaires" in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, a similar case has been observed by Baker Hughes Inc. Chief compliance officer, Jay Martin says, "I call it the battle of questionnaires."

Both men have presented these incidents during the Dow Jones Compliance Symposium in Washington last Wednesday. And while both men see this as a necessary task to gain trust from consumers, Martin says that it can cause a huge drain on their time and resouces.

He advises, to which other company officers agreed on, that to do due diligence - it's always best to try "on-the-ground" value first before resorting to third-party assistance.