Thursday, May 10, 2012

Apple Rumor: iPhone 5 Coming In September, iPad Mini For August Release

Despite the lackluster reviews, the iPhone 4S was able to bring in high and decent sales for Apple. But it never fully convinced all previous-generation iPhone 4 users to upgrade. And that's primarily because they're waiting for the iPhone 5.

Rumors are now going around the tech world that the new iPhone 5 will be coming out in September, and a month earlier - in August, the long-running idea of the 7-inch iPad Mini.

These rumors were first reported by Taiwan-based news organization, Digitimes, who reported that Pegatron - the parts manufacturer for both the iPhone 4S and the iPad, has received orders for parts of the two parts which could indicate that the rumors could be true. The iPad Mini will be assembled at Foxconn, as reported by the article.

While there will be nothing significantly different in the iPad Mini, except the size, when it comes out. Tech analysts and enthusiasts are saying that for the next generation iPhone, which many are hoping to be called the iPhone 5, will have a larger display, a slimmer profile and more advances in its native iOS.

Via Digitimes