Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instagram Coming To Android Soon

Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing app for the iOS, has just celebrated an achievement of reaching 27 million users. Additional users will not be slowing down anytime soon as the company hints that they will be releasing an Android OS version of the app very soon.

Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom actually gave a private beta preview of the Android Instagram app to the attendees of the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas last Sunday.

However, Systrom had no specific date of release for the app in the Google OS, just a teasing "really soon" was given to various media.

Instagram first came to the Apple iOS market in October 2010 and instantly gained major following. It popularized the use of filters in digital photos, giving images an old Polaroid feel commonly seen in "lomo photography".

One of the reasons for the apps success is the easy and convenient integration of social media within the app, allowing users to instantly share their photos on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

While there are many other apps, both in iOS and Android, which have similar and sometimes even better features as that of Instagram - many users still prefer the latter due to its heavy popularity.