Thursday, March 22, 2012

Study Shows Aspirin Can Prevent Cancer

It's already been studied that taking aspirin can help reduce the risk of heart attack, but recent study shows that it can most likely be a powerful medicine to prevent cancer too.

Three studies published in the Lancet narrates how researchers from the University of Oxford has discovered that aspirin, when taken daily, can help individuals reduce their risk and even control the spread of cancer.

The first study primarily involved observing participants who are taking low doses of aspirin every day for heart disease prevention. Interestingly, those who were taking them, as compared to those who had the placebo, also manifested lower risk signs of up to 37% reduction for those who took them for five years of more.

The second study, in the meantime, included a medical trial in Britain where they followed patients for around 6.5 years and found out that aspirin takers had 36% lower risk of developing metastatic cancer and a 46% reduced risk of developing colon, lung or prostate cancer.

A third study in published in Lancet Oncology likewise resulted in the same findings. And thus, leads to the conclusion that there is now more benefits that people can look forward to when taking aspirin.

"These findings add to the case for use of aspirin to prevent cancer, particularly if people are at increased risk," lead researcher Dr. Peter M. Rothwell, a professor of neurology at the University of Oxford.

via Time