Sunday, April 15, 2012

Piermario Morosini Suffers a Heart Attack Mid Game

Italy Under-21 midfielder Piermario Morosini suffered from a heart attach while on the pitch during the Livorno Serie B game in Pescara. The 25-year old Morosino was declared dead by Santo Spirito hospital cardiologist, Edoardo De Blasio who claimed that he was already lost when he arrived at the hospital.

Morosini was currently on loan from Serie A side Udinese.

During the 31st minute of the game, he suddenly fell to the ground. Medical help arrived shortly and moments later, an ambulance took him to the hospital where he underwent revival for around an hour and a half but to no avail.

Because of the incident, all Italian matches this weekend were immediately called off. Danilo Iannascoli, Pescara's general manager, says, "We are living through a drama."