Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be 2012 London Olympics Phone

Samsung is having a big press event announcement on May 3rd and tech rumors are saying that it could be the official launching of the new Samsung Galaxy S III - while the name is still unofficial, it is expected that the smartphone company will be releasing the next generation of the phone series.

In relation to that, many are also expecting an announcement that Samsung will most likely be the official mobile phone partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games. But all these are still unconfirmed, along with the possible new specifications and features of the upcoming smartphone.

According to tech analysts, it's most likely that the Galaxy S III will be almost identical to the S II with improved internal specs such as a faster processor. Some even say that Samsung could do an "Apple" which released an iPhone 4S which didn't really differ much from the iPhone 4.

Regardless of what the next Samsung Galaxy evolution will be, we're certain that this model will be the top of the line Android phone in the market once released.