Thursday, April 5, 2012

YouTube Gets 500 More Films From Paramount

A deal by Paramount Pictures and YouTube has recently been reached which will make around 500 more films available on the video site. These movies can be rented by consumers at typical prices of $2 to $4 per viewing.

The agreement was announced Wednesday and this puts Paramount among the four other big Hollywood studios which joins YouTube's online video store. Currently, 20th Century Fox is the only one that remains excluded in the setup.

The movies can be accessed on both YouTube Rentals and Google Play. This move, along with that of Apple Inc.'s iTunes store and Inc.'s website has put pressure on service pioneers such as Netflix Inc.

Director of content partnerships at YouTube, Malik Ducard says "Paramount Pictures is one of the biggest movies studios on the planet. We're thrilled to bring nearly 500 of their films to movie fans in the U.S. and Canada on YouTube and Google Play."

With this, there are now nearly 9,000 titles in the YouTube Rentals library.