Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mayweather vs Cotto: Round by Round Recap

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins yet another boxing match today, this time against Miguel Cotto for the Super Welterweight Championship.

Mayweather squeezed out a unanimous decision from the judges in what looked like one of his toughest boxing match in his recent fight history. Judges scores were 117-111, 117-111, 118-110

For those who missed to watch Mayweather vs Cotto live earlier, below is our Mayweather vs Cotto round by round recap. Check your local listing for Mayweather vs Cotto replay in the next few days.

Round 1:
Cotto, looking bigger inside the ring, opened the match with a wild left. Seconds later, Mayweather lands the first clean shot of the night, an uppercut. Then, another half uppercut by Mayweather. Cotto pressing. Mayweather ties him up. Lot of wrestling in the ring in the first. Mayweather dodges a Cotto combination beautifully. Sticks Cotto with a right. Decent round for Mayweather.

Round 2:
Now Cotto starts to jab a little. Mayweather tags Cotto with a nice 1-2 combination. Cotto covers up. Cotto trying to be physical with Mayweather but he's not throwing a lot of punches. Now Cotto gets going a little bit in the corner. Floyd deflects most of them. His defense is, as usual, brilliant. Nice little flurry by Cotto at the end.

Round 3:
Not sure I like Cotto's strategy. He wants to bully Floyd but he's not throwing enough punches to do it. Mayweather snaps off an unanswered flurry. Now Cotto pins Mayweather in the corner and throws a combination. Straight right by Cotto gets through, Floyd smiles. Cotto now boxing from the outside. Still, it's Mayweather's punches that are cleaner. More active Cotto in this round.

Round 4:
Mayweather teeing off on Cotto. Cotto covers up. Nothing flashy, just a series of 1-2 punches that hit home. When Cotto throws, Mayweather catches or, at worst, deflects many of them. Good round for Mayweather.

Round 5:
Cotto comes out aggressive, pins Mayweather in the corner. Lands a couple of good shots. Mayweather ties him up. Floyd fights back from the corner. He is excellent at fighting in the corner. Thudding combination by Mayweather! Cotto pushes him back into the corner. Hard left hand by Cotto! Mayweather felt that. Mayweather not doing a lot of body work in this fight. Good round for Cotto.

Round 6:
Cotto starting to dictate the pace and style of the fight. He's pushing Mayweather to the corner right from the bell. Floyd works back to the center of the ring, eats a good Cotto jab. Another Cotto hook lands. Cotto bouncing on his toes more, looking more confident. Good straight right by Mayweather. He's moving in on Cotto now. Goes to the corner. Cotto keeps moving, avoids any shots the rest of the round. A fair round in favor of Cotto.

Round 7:
Mayweather comes out more aggressive. Hits Cotto with that 1-2 that has been working for him. Neither fighter looks tired. Cotto moves forward, wings a couple of shots that Mayweather gobbles up. Close round for both.

Round 8:
Big right hand from Floyd opens the round. Have to wonder if he senses the urgency. A flurry from Cotto gets the crowd in it. But Mayweather eats a lot of those punches with his gloves. Nice uppercut from Mayweather. Another. And another. Cotto lunges with the jab. Strong flurry by Cotto! Mayweather shakes his head at him, but Cotto scored good points there.

Round 9:
Mayweather has to know he is in a close fight. Floyd desperately trying to keep the fight in the center of the ring. He reaches in with that uppercut. Cotto is staying very disciplined. Mayweather is laughing in the ring, but it's a nervous-looking laugh. Cotto shoves Mayweather back in the corner. There has been a suggested blueprint for how to beat Mayweather and Cotto is implementing it well. Mayweather tags Cotto with a few rights as the round dwindles down.

Round 10:
Mayweather back in the center of the ring. This is where he wants to fight. He drops his shoulder and holds his ground when Cotto tries to body him to the ropes. Crowd erupts when Cotto tags Mayweather with a right. Floyd snaps Cotto's head back with a good jab. Slower round than the others. Cotto not as aggressive for some reason. Good flurry by Cotto before the bell.

Round 11:
Cotto backing Mayweather up with cobinations. They aren't clean, but they count. Mayweather is fighting a bad fight. He cannot be on the ropes this long. He has to move. Cotto clubs Mayweather with a left, refuses to let him out of the corner. Cotto looking good in this round. Floyd showboats after a clean 1-2.

Round 12:
Cotto shoves Mayweather into the ropes. That fires Mayweather up. He comes out swinging! Hammering Cotto with shots all over. Cotto is not hurt but he can't pull the trigger. Nice uppercut by Floyd dazes Cotto.