Sunday, May 13, 2012

Video: Man Performs iDermal for iPod Nano

We've heard of Apple fanboys, and today, we'll feature a video from another one which went a bit extreme.

We're talking about Dave Hurban of A Newfield, New Jersey, a tattoo artist who decided to implant four magnets into his own arm so it could hold the latest generation iPod Nano in it's place.

Hurban apparently performed the surgery on his own so that he could place his iPod Nano on his wrist like a watch. So it seems that there is no iPod Nano strap out there that could satisfy him, so just decided to solve his problem his extreme way.

Hurban worked in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Kreative to produce this slightly squeamish video to present to the world what he now calls the iDermal project.

Watch the iPod Nano magnet embedding project iDermal below. Warning, graphic content not for minors and the weak at heart:

As of the moment, the video has received more than 670,000 views on YouTube with the people split in half in the "Like" and "Dislike" votes. However, the comments section mostly has negative reactions to what Dave Hurban has done.