Monday, June 18, 2012

A Tightrope Walk Across Niagara Falls

Though tightrope walking has been a common sight in acrobat shows an circuses, Nik Wallenda, part of the performing family of the Wallenda Circus Troupe goes beyond the normal routine.

Just recently, he made this death-defying act at the majestic yet powerful landmark, the Niagara Falls.

This one of a kind act was televised on TV via ABC and also has created buzz over the internet.

photo from ABC News

There were also speculations that he will take off his harness at the middle of the stunt because their family was really known to work without the safety net and wires, but as a precaution his sponsors required him to wear them as the stunt is really dangerous to perform.

Nik mentioned that the walk was indeed difficult as he is faced with strong winds and mist from the waterfalls.

He finished the walk in less than an hour and also attracted a lot of spectators on site and even on television.