Friday, July 27, 2012

Feature: Start Time Table For London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Good day everyone. After we posted the Olympics Opening Ceremony Program earlier today, we have received various inquiries regarding it's starting time converted for various parts of the world.

So we're giving that below, plus a peek of what to expect during the London 2012 opening ceremonies which is as of this posting, is around 11 hours away.

What time does the Opening ceremony start? The show, which is directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle of "Slumdog Millionaire" fame, is scheduled to kick off by 9:00 PM London time. It is then expected to last until around midnight, with a fireworks display as conclusion.

Here's the start time table if you're located in other parts of the world, reference is London, England: 9:00 PM July 27:
  • Beijing, China: 4:00 AM July 28
  • Bucharest, Romania: 11:00 PM July 27
  • Delhi, India: 1:30 AM July 28
  • Frankfurt, Germany: 10:00 PM July 27
  • Hong Kong, China: 4:00 AM July 28
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: 10:00 PM July 27
  • Los Angeles, USA: 1:00 PM July 27
  • Moscow, Russia: 12:00 Midnight July 28
  • New York, USA: 4:00 PM July 27
  • Perth, Australia: 4:00 AM July 28
  • Seoul, South Korea: 5:00 AM July 28
  • Sydney, Australia: 6:00 AM July 28
  • Tokyo, Japan: 5:00 AM July 28
  • Vancouver, Canada: 1:00 PM July 27

If you're city is not listed above, you can use the nearest familiar city as reference and then adjust towards your city's time zone. Or, if you know the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of your city, just calculate based on London, which is at UTC +1 time zone.

Above is a replica of what will happen during the "Green and Pleasant" part of the program, where it is expected that live animals will be ushered into the stadium for the initial part of the ceremonies.

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony had a budget of £27 million, so we're expecting a spectacular showcase variety when we watch the live free 3D coverage on BBC HD channel later.