Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy To Make Halloween Costume Ideas 2012

Last weekend saw several Halloween costume parties from around the world, but the celebration of Halloween is not yet over as the official date comes this October 31st.

If you attended a party last weekend, you probably already have several Halloween costume ideas which you can do for this midweek.

But of course, nobody really wants to spend that much on a costume, and there's very little time left to make an elaborate one.

Thus, we're giving you some cheap, easy to make last minute Halloween costume ideas for college students and adults, both men and women.

Idea 1: American 1920's costume. Go for that vintage look - sophisticated and classy. If you watch Mad Men, then you already have your basic peg.

Idea 2: For college students, it will be fun to come in your rival school's uniform or sport jersey. And just to make sure nobody will give you stern looks, stick a fake knife behind you and you'll get the approval of your fellow school mates.

Idea 3: What about dressing up as your favorite television character for Halloween? Everyone would probably be a zombie after The Walking Dead fame so we suggest going for Game of Thrones.

Idea 4: For women, put on a crazy, colorful wig and be a Nicki Minaj. She's probably the most recognizable celebrity fashion style today, next to Lady Gaga.

Remember that the most basic rule of Halloween costumes is to dress to impress and not so much as to scare people - specially if you're going to a party.

Look smart, witty and amusing and try not to look gross, morbid or ugly. You're all there to have fun and not to turn off people.