Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Looking For Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas?

It's officially the day of All Hallow's Eve and our daily routine might have taken too much of our time to allow us to think of a good Halloween costume.

Nevertheless, costume ideas are all around and all you need is some fun attitude and creativity to get you through the parties going on around tonight.

Below now are some last minute Halloween costume ideas you can do at home for those who would like to join the fun without having to exert much effort.

Remember, as an adult in costume, you're probably dressing up because you're going to attend a Halloween party - which means there's no need to be scary, only creative, sexy or funny.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas:
  • Little "Dead" Riding Hood: Simply wear a red cape or sheet. Carry a basket and then, add some scars, gashes and blood make-up; then tell people that the Big Bad Wolf got you.
  • Refrigerator Magnet: Great for the very last minute... simply paint a shoe box black or wrap it with a black paper or garbage bag; then attach it to your back.
  • Kissing Booth: For guys who wants to meet girls, simply construct a booth using a box, with the opening of the top box facing forward. Add straps and make the box sit on your shoulders. Then spray paint the box and write “Kissing Booth”.

Again, it's a mistake to limit yourself to the scary stuff. Look around and get your inspiration from what's around or from pop culture.