Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns Feature

Despite Hurricane Sandy, Americans are still determined to celebrate Halloween and continue the tradition. Many have already downloaded their printable Jack-O-Lantern patterns and stencils and are probably getting ready to carve them today.

We've scouted some Halloween pumpkin carving patterns online and here are some simple templates that we've found.

Despite being simple, these are nevertheless creative and very much into the season. Anybody can just do them without much skills as long as you follow the stencils available.

Below is a simple cat face pumpkin carving.

And a cat profile pattern, which looks difficult but actually easy to do.

And of course, for Twilight fans, here's a special Twilight pumpkin carving pattern feature.

Okay, the last one's not exactly simple and easy, but if you're a Twilight fan - I'm sure you'll have fun trying to do that one.

Have a safe and dry Halloween everyone.