Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anderson Live Not Coming Back For Third Season

Anderson Cooper is neither sad nor happy when news broke out that his syndicated daytime talk show, "Anderson Live" won't be coming back for a third season.

According the Telepictures, a Warner Bros. division which produces the show, "We are extremely proud of Anderson and the show that he and the entire production team have produced."

"While we made significant changes to the format, set and produced it live in its second season, the series will not be coming back for a third season in a marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to break through."

Thus, the show is now just set to complete it's current second season run which ends in the summer of 2013 before finally going off air.

This news doesn't mean, however, that Cooper is losing his television charm. His news show, "Anderson Copper 360" still remains as the most watched evening show on CNN.

When asked about the news that "Anderson Live" is ending, Copper says, "I am very proud of the work that our terrific staff has put into launching and sustaining our show for two seasons."