Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anthony Hopkins is Convicing as Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock has recently made an appearance character in the HBO movie, "The Girl", where Toby Jones plays him as a rather boorish man who loves blondes.

But we think, Anthony Hopkins plays a better "Hitchcock" as he plays the legendary Master of Suspense in the latest film of the same title.

The movie, shows him as he goes through the time when he's filming his most iconic movie, "Psycho" - with side plots on his dalliances with his wife and Alma Reville, his collaborator, played by Helen Mirren.

Anthony Hopkins is convincing in his role, proving that the Academy Award winner still has the skills to pull character-driven roles.

Overall, the film, "Hitchcock" does justice to the story of the man, with Hopkins, portraying a tight knit glimpse on the man who everyone loves to scare them.

"Hitchcock" is directed by Sacha Gervasi. Script by John J. McLaughlin. Anthony Hopkins acts side by side to Scarlett Johansson who plays Janet Leigh in the film. Watch Hitchcock, now showing in local cinemas.