Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Instagram Rolling Out Web Profiles To Users, Finally

"You’ve asked for Instagram on the web and we’ve listened."

That's what Instagram announced in their latest blog post and many are now excited to finally have a web version of the highly popular photo sharing app.

Previously, photos on Instagram can only be seen through their mobile app, or through a third-part service on the web / desktop. But all that's going to change soon.

The web profile will slowly roll out to all the users. But if you want to see how it will look like, you can go to Nike's Instagram web profile.

The default address would be[username] and you can always check that address and see if your web profile has already been activated.

What can you do with your Instagram web profile? According to the company, you can follow other users, leave comments, like photos and edit your profile.

And with regards to privacy, your settings will follow your web profile. Which means your photos will not be seen other than those whom you allowed to follow you - but they would have to log-in before they can see your photos.

For those whose album settings are public, all visitors, even non-Instagram users can see your photos and don't need to log-in.