Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Red Bull Safe To Drink?

The US government Food and Drug Administration has recently posted several health hazards and injuries that could have been caused by Red Bull.

Red Bull is currently America's number 1 energy drink in terms of sales and they would now have to answer to the 21 reports that had been filed with the FDA since 2004 regarding adverse reactions from drinking the beverage.

Meanwhile, officials of the company has yet to comment on the report, but it has already announced earlier this week, that they believe Red Bull is safe and there are unaware of any death reports that has been filed involving their product.

Red Bull is currently taking the heat, but the FDA is definitely not excluding other energy drink brands. It's been reported that they are also investigating Monster Energy, Rockstar and 5-Hour Energy.

Is it safe to drink Red Bull? Many health experts say it is safe, for now. It's just important to remember that as with anything and everything, proper and moderate intake is key.