Monday, December 10, 2012

Josh Brent Investigated For Jerry Brown Death

Josh Brent of the Dallas Cowboys will be investigated for intoxicated manslaughter after he met a car accident that resulted to the untimely death of teammate Jerry Brown. If found guilty, Brent could face up to 20 years jail time.

Brent was behind the wheel driving along a local State Highway in Cincinnati when the car hit the outside curb and flipped and skidded to the middle of the service road. The accident happened at around 2:30 AM.

When police arrived, Brent was seen trying to pull Brown from the car who was already in flames. The authorities conducted a field-sobriety test on Brent and took him to custody afterwards.

Meanwhile, Cowboys linebacker Brown was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones then released a statement, "We are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of Jerry Brown. At this time, our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of Jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him."

There will be a few minutes of silence before the Cowboys' game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to pay respects to Brown.