Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apple Goes After Samsung Nexus

Apple is now seeking preliminary injunction from the U.S. court to stop the selling of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the country pending resolution of a patent lawsuit they recently filed against Samsung Electronics.

The lawsuit was filed at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California last Thursday. It states four Apple patents on technology which according to the iPhone manufacturer is being violated by the Galaxy Nexus.

Specifically, they are phone number dialing by touch on a web page, word placement, Siri voice recognition and unified search, and the unlocking feature through image sliding.

The lawsuit states, "Sales of the Galaxy Nexus during this litigation will cause irreparable harm to Apple. The smartphone market is at a critical juncture, as the overwhelming majority of consumers move to smartphones, and the consumers' long-term preferences and purchases may be determined to a great extent by the operating system on their first smartphone."

Last October 2011, Google and Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Nexus, one of the first smartphones that runs on Android 4.0, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Apple is particularly going after the "interactive features" of the ICS operating system.