Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google Search To Be More Like "Siri"

For many, Google has been the default search engine if we want links to relevant websites that contain information that we need.

But over the years, as you may have noticed, Google has continually changed its search results page to become more information rich, and easier for users to get what they need.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article says that Google is planning to include semantic search soon in their growing list of features. Semantic search is similar to how Wolfram Alpha, the computational search engine, works. Or more simply, how many Apple iPhone users get answers from Siri.

For example, if you search Google for "biggest animal" - you will then be shown various photos of large animals, a Wikipedia page for the largest organism, and other relevant articles.

But in Wolfram Alpha, searching for "biggest animal" will give you the blue whale, and basic information about it.

Google search with semantic features will showcase a similar answer to what Wolfram Alpha gives, which will sit alongside the regular web results based on their algorithm.

Search executive Amit Singhal told the WSJ, "Over the last two years, the company's been quietly setting up a massive database containing hundreds of millions of 'entities' - people, places and things."

No timeline has been set when this new feature will be fully implemented. But many expect that it will be a slow roll-out, which will eventually be complete within a few years.