Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Encyclopedia Britannica Ends Print To Focus on Digital

More than two centuries after, Encyclopedia Britannica has decided that it will finally stop printing and production of its multi-volume book sets to focus on marketing its digital copies of the encyclopedia and other educational tools.

Jorge Cauz, Britannica president, says "Everyone will want to call this the end of an era, and I understand that. But there's no sad moment for us. I think outsiders are more nostalgic about the books than I am."

He was likewise candid in admitting the fact that currently, the company's print division only has 1% of the total sales and the rest is in their digital assets, particularly, 15% on the online version and 85% on their other education products.

"The print set is an icon. But it's an icon that doesn't do justice to how much we've changed over the years," he adds.

Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in Scotland back in 1768 and it's 2010 32-volume book set will be its last.