Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas Revealed in Survey

What's the number one gift idea that Americans give during Mother's Day? According to the National Retail Federation, since 2007 and until this year, 2012 - Americans love giving flowers on Mother's Day.

This year's survey reached more than 8,000 respondents during the first week of April and the top four gift ideas that they gave for Mother's Day are flowers, special meal, jewelry and fourth, gadgets.

Interestingly, this survey simply shows what people are thinking of giving the mom's in their life and doesn't necessarily tell what they actually want. An informal survey we did online showed that most of them want jewelry and an iPad.

NRF spokeswoman Kathy Grannis tells that around two-thirds of shoppers will be buying flowers this year. "Flowers have always reigned as one of the top gifts. They're a safe bet - what woman doesn't love flowers?" Aside from these, those with a little more budget are likely to add jewelry, dinner out or a spa gift certificate together with the flowers.

Of course, it is expected that these items will go up within the next few days, but there will be more than enough retailers and online stores which will offer Mother's Day deals and sale.

Lastly, many finance experts advice that it's always best to shop early for Mother's Day gifts - so you'll avoid the rush and get a guarantee that your gift will arrive on time. As early as now, hunt for sales and discounts already, specially in online flower-delivery websites.