Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monique Wilson Comes Out of the Closet

Internationally acclaimed Filipina theater actress, Monique Wilson, has publicly announced during a press conference of the One Billion Rising Advocacy that she is a gay woman.

She admitted her being a lesbian to help support the said advocacy group, who is working on a global campaign to stop the violence against women.

In an interview, the former Miss Saigon actress acknowledged that people like her should be proud of who they are and come out of the closet. She says that if you do not, then the higher the chance that violence could happen to you.

She even quotes, "being a gay woman is something that I should be proud of being."

Why did the 42-year old decided to come out? She claims that she's tired of seeing so many gay men and women being marginalized and discriminated in the Philippines. And by doing this, she can now openly help to stop the violence towards them.

Monique Wilson is currently in a relationship for 14 years now with a teacher based in London.