Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apple iPad Mini Logs In Good Sales Figures

Members of Apple's supply chain in Asia has reported that sales figures for the new iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini have been very good and higher than expected.

The report came from Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, who stated the report during an investors meeting last Thursday.

"Key suppliers into iPhone and iPad noted above seasonal March quarter order trends, stronger than expected December quarter revenue, and the potential to further upside before year-end," reports Huberty

On the other end, it seems that the PC market continues to struggle with sales, as the demand for laptops and tablets running the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has been rising much slower than anticipated.

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, with this business figures, they are looking for the AAPL stock to rise up to $714, with a possibility of touching resistance at the $980 price in the next bull year for the company.